Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Welcome to my new blog dedicated to nail polish. Seems like a relatively simple blog to maintain so I hope to stick around.

I'm currently wearing Essie Fiji, an opaque creamy pale pink. This is Emily Maynard's (Brad Womack's 2nd season of The Bachelor) seemingly favorite nail polish color. It's what she wore all season long! Forums were going nuts trying to figure out what color she wore. I had to visit Ulta three time to get it!

It's a nice neutral color, makes skintones appear tanner than they actually are. Consistency and application are typical of Essie polishes. I find it difficult to get an even layer with Essie, and chipping occurred on day 4.

What are some colors you're loving at the moment?

Thanks for stopping by! =)


  1. You have really pretty nails :) I'm excited about your new blog, cuz I'm a nail polish addict too :p Can't wait to see your swatches as you change polish!

  2. I loved watching The Bachelor! lol It was super cool that Chantel O was from Mercer Island. :D

    I really like that nail polish color! If you think it makes you look tan..it's probably going to make me look incredibly tan. lol

  3. Hi! im just starting a new nail blog too! i hope u can come and see it! :)

    ansering to ur question, im loving the o.p.i skull & glossbones from the pirates of the caribbean collection is kinda like a gray, i loveee it!!

  4. angie!!! where have you been all this time!!!
    i missed you! glad to see you back blogging!