Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pirates > Ninjas

I've managed to find all the polish colors from the OPI Pirates of the Carribean collection minus Mermaid's Tears. It seems to be the most popular one.

I've only tried Stranger Tides thus far and I love it! This has got to be one of my favorite OPI collections!

Skull & Glossbones / Stranger Tides / Steady As She Rose / Sparrow Me the Drama/ Planks a Lot / Silver Shatter

Check out how close shade-wise Do You Lilac It? and Planks a Lot are. Upon first glance, they look nearly identical. But if you look closely you can notice a difference.

Guess which one is which!

Planks a Lot on the left and Do You Liliac It? on the right. Planks a Lot is darker, more of a grape purple. I wonder how different they would appear on nails.


  1. I want to get Steady As She Rose now! I didn't get a chance to stop by Ulta today. I wish they had one downtown SEA. I love that you're blogging again Angie!

  2. i suddenly miss the opi polish u sent looks similar to both? argh i didn't take it with me

  3. i agree with u! this collection is my favorite too, i think is by far one of the most wearables! i love all the colors!

  4. They both remind of OPI "It's a Grape Fit." I was just going through my polishes and noticed that one. lol

  5. Check our Scrangie's swatches: