Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stranger Danger

Today I'm wearing OPI Pirates of the Carribean Stranger Tides. It's a pastel murky green color and probably one of the most unique colors I've discovered from OPI. It almost looks like a chic grey from afar. I imagine it as one of the colors Nordstrom catalog models would wear.

I think it would look better against my skintone if I were paler. But it's definitely a color I'd recommend because it is so different from anything else. If you like greys, try this!

But I did find this was harder to apply than my other OPIs. Even with two layers, I found I didn't have complete coverage. I'd recommend 3 thin layers before adding a top coat.

I can't wait to try out the others! I still have to find Mermaid Tears, Sparrow Me The Drama, and possibly Planks A Lot.


  1. Gorgeous!! It really is a different nail polish for OPI. I really liked this collection a lot! I can't wait to try Planks A Lot. I love my purples!

  2. I've never tried green on my nails! i wonder if it would suit me..haha

    yes i am in cali now! :) liking it so far..the usual..hehe