Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It seems like green and yellow polishes are super trendy this season. I've really been digging green on my nails. Never did I think I would ever wear green but OPI Pirates Of The Carribean Stranger Tides totally changed my mind! And now I'm loving Mermaid's Tears as well!

I found the last addition to my now complete OPI Pirates collection. It was $8.00 at my hair salon, as opposed to $8.50 ;). I love finding surprising little deals!

I don't know how to describe this color. It's kinda an aqua, dark sea foam, jade-like.... It is a creamy gorgeous green! I'm currently wearing it with my jade bracelet and it goes pretty well together! It looks darker/more jade like in person.

I have yet to try most of the polishes in this collection and I keep buying more polishes. It's hard to share my attention =P

Now I'm lemming Essie Mint Candy Apple, and Absolutely Shore.


  1. Essie Mint Candy Apple does look super pretty..heck I'd buy it just because of the name! lol

    Mermaid's Tears looks really good on you! :) I love your blog Angie!!

  2. Really digging your nail posts =] I'm a new follower! Odd, cause I had on Mermaid's Tears the same time you posted this entry. lol